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What to prevent when using a fuel gas heat transfer oil boiler

What do you worry about most about using thermal oil boiler? Many people worry that the thermal oil deteriorates and then affects the effect. I want to inform you that this is worrying, as long as the relevant precautionary measures are taken, the effect is still good. The deterioration of heat transfer oil is mainly due to the gradual synthesis and polymerization reaction of heat transfer oil, which causes the structure of heat transfer oil to change.

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The resulting low-molecular or high-molecular substances increase, thereby altering the characteristics of the heat transfer oil. The main causes of deterioration are high temperature, oxygen in the air, and the mixing of chemicals during consumption. There are three types of degradation: thermal degradation, oxidative degradation, and foreign matter-containing degradation. Thermal degradation: If the thermal oil is exposed to high temperature for a long time, the inter-atomic and intermolecular chain bonds will be broken, and compounds will be synthesized. The compounds mainly include gases, low-molecular substances and free radical molecules.

This free radical molecule and other molecules polymerize to form a lively group of polymers. The polymerization reaction that occurs is chain-like. Even at a certain temperature, the molecular weight and the amount of the polymer produced tend to increase with time, and the indicators such as viscosity change slowly.

Oxidative degradation: After contacting the high temperature heat transfer oil with oxygen in the air, it will oxidize to form organic acids. The organic acid can further promote the polymerization reaction of the heat transfer oil. It is not limited to high temperature. Response speeds up. As a result, the viscosity can be increased, and the organic acid generated will cause a certain corrosive effect on the equipment when it encounters water.


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