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How to Safely Use the Organic Heat Carrier Furnace

1. The operation of organic heat carrier furnace needs to be trained.

2. Before the operation of organic heat carrier furnace, operators should make preparations, check all valve switches of heating system, whether they are in working position, check whether the liquid level of high and low oil storage tanks is normal, and make a comprehensive check on the body of organic heat carrier furnace, blower, induced draft fan and circulating pump, so as to start up normally.

3. Whether it is in standby or furnace working state, to ensure the high heat transfer oil storage tank at high level, low heat transfer oil storage tank at a low level, in special circumstances such as, can open the cold oil replacement valve for emergency cooling in furnace.

4. During the operation of the organic heat carrier furnace, the furnace supervisor must cooperate closely with the production workshop and control it according to the production process or production requirements.

5. It is necessary to regularly inspect and inspect the operation of organic heat carrier furnace and make relevant records. If abnormal conditions are found, the leaders in charge should be reported promptly and processed.。

6. When the boiler is stopped, the temperature of the heat transfer oil must be reduced below 100 degrees, and the circulating pump can stop running..

7. Before going to work, check whether to close all kinds of valves, pipes and electrical switches to confirm safety before leaving.

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